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Biting Parakeets

Budgies can bite for many reasons and it is important you investigate the situation before you try to fix the problem.   These birds are complex creatures and biting is the result of many things.  It is important to know that biting is a learned behavior and budgies in the wild do not bite to convey their messages or to solve problems.  Budgies cannot communicate as people do so some parakeets bite to get attention or to get their message across.

Parakeets are smart and will mold their behavior to your likings and dislikes.  All behavior modification needs be done through positive reinforcement.  You should never punish your bird by using abusive techniques such as hitting or yelling at your bird.  These techniques do not work and will only create a fearful pet.  Resorting to those tactics will also make your bird more prone to biting.

If you wish to mold your petís behavior remember to be consistent and patient. A parakeet will quickly learn what is right and wrong if you immediately reward your pet for proper behavior.  Ignoring your pet for negative behavior is the most effective method to deter your pet from continuing in this manner.

Keep a journal and record when your parakeet bites.  You will be amazed at what you find and what you believe is causing your bird to behave in this way.  Following is a list of why parakeets may want to bite and also some helpful tips to assist you in deterring your bird from continuing in this negative behavior.