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Biting Due to Tiredness

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Did you know a sleepy parakeet can bite?  Many owners have been bitten because their bird wants to be placed back into its cage.  They often become cranky and bite out of frustration.  Although it can be fun holding your parakeet past its bedtime (this is usually around 8.00 pm), you need to remember that parakeets go to bed as soon as the sun sets.  Some parakeets will panic if they are not placed into their cages before sunset and this can trigger them to begin biting.

To remedy this problem, place your parakeet to bed on time.  I know it can be enjoyable to hold your bird during the late night news; however, it is very unnatural for them to be up that late.  Your parakeet needs a good 9 10 hours of rest to function properly the next day.   If they are deprived of sleep, you can easily get a moody bird that would rather be placed inside its cage for a nap then spend time with you.