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Biting Out of Fear

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A parakeet may begin to bite if he is scared.  It is important to understand that some biting is triggered by fear and your pet may only be reacting in a way to protect himself.  If a parakeet feels threatened, biting is the only way that a parakeet can defend itself.  This type of biting is seen when you approach an untamed parakeet or you handle them for the first time.  If a parakeet feels trapped, he may begin to bite in the hopes that he will be released. 

If you find that your bird is biting, it is important to understand that it is simply protecting itself.  For birds, biting is a natural instinct to protect itself as they are a natural prey in the wild. Their whole life is geared towards being alert and cautious to survive.  They do not know your intentions; therefore, you have to show your bird that you mean no harm.  If your budgie is biting it could very likely be that it is scared.  You need to begin talking in a soft voice to try to reassure that you will not cause any injury.  Avoid eye contact and gently remove him from the cage with a wash cloth or a small kitchen towel wrapped around your hand just in case he decides to nip at your hand.  Once you remove him from the cage, gently pet his head and coddle him.  You will be amazed at how quickly he understands your intentions!

Remember to be gentle when you handle this small bird.  Although they are usually pretty strong, they are still fragile and caution should always be used when removing them from the cage.  This technique should only be applied to budgies that need regular grooming.